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Things That Can Go Wrong When Selling With An Estate Agent

The traditional way to sell is obviously to have an estate agent sell it for you. If you get a good one, they can be helpful throughout the sale process.

However, estate agents are humans too and can make mistakes. Here are some things which can go wrong when trying to sell your property with an estate agent.

Choosing the ‘wrong’ estate agent; several things can make an agent the ‘wrong’ agent that may have nothing to do with capability and competence. Certain situations require experience in a certain area or specialisation.

As agents have several jobs at once and with these jobs comes documents and files. This can lead to a mix up of documents or even important documents getting missing during the sales process.

The agent may even encourage the seller to be inflexible and uncompromising in negotiations.

And last but not least, there is the issue of broken chains. If you get involved in a chain where someone else’s sale falls through and this means that yours does too, then your hopes of selling at all could be dashed for good.

The Solution?

If you’d like to avoid the perils of selling with an agent then get in touch with us and we can make you a no-obligation offer for your property for a quick, assured sale.

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